Redefining the word Love

They all say you know it when you find it, never the clean cut explanation …
Just a little signification of a big emotion we all can not define!
Love! A word that has been there for decades and BC but still has no real definition
Lets start from way back; slavery was a big trend in the day
Funny thing is it started in 1400 in different European countries but was not acknowledge until the Americans started practicing it.
It’s not fair that whenever slavery is mentioned everyone automatically think of America as if it was the only country practicing it!
Hey, am not justifying the ways of the old American ancestors but what about the Europeans who to be quite accurate started the slavery trend!
How the chronology of slavery connects to love; you must be asking yourself but the right question you should be asking is How did people in the time before our grandparents practice slavery and then come home and kiss their wives and children goodnight, how did they ripe apart a family and sell all of them to different plantations not caring how that would feel if tables were turned? How in God’s name did they whip a poor man near to death just because he stole an egg to feed his three year old son? How is it they were allowed to kill love in one mans heart and get to keep theirs?
I believe a human being be it of different origin and ethnicity can not do what the slave owners did and still say they “Love” another human being.
Love is a mistress to every dishonest man and woman’s tough,
She is abused and miss used to the point of it needing to be redefined because the meaning is lost in the word, the sentence, the actions it is suppressed to calling it “love making”
I can not begin to look for the meaning anymore because even in the dictionary they define it as an emotion but never an act or a moral human expression in everyday life.
I have come to make up my own definition of “Love” because I can not understand or come to believe what it has come to today.
To me “Love” is not only a feeling it is an act, an expression, an attachment of kindness, care, selflessness, passion, deep and gentle care of not only the people you love or fall in love with but also the people that you do not know or the man on the street with no shoes and sleeps in a box near the dumpster! It is showing empathy even when it is not your place, or someone who does not deserve to be empathised with. Love is a feeling that shouldn’t be left at only feeling but should be acted upon. So lets go on and act upon the name of Love!
Peace and Love, yours truly Wynee



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