Single Black Female


She finished high school …that’s right!

None of her friends did … So she thought herself wise

Wise enough to think of college after the summer

But that was before she met him

The single black female never knew the concept of “Love lies”

He told her he loved her …some real shit

Cut through her heart like a knife through butter

Warmed her up and let her think that was it

Put aside her college plans

Thinking she could dress hair just to make ends meet

She gave into him and let him hit

That was that, no kiss goodbye just a seed with no father to be

For the single black female with all hope lost

Who had considered suicide when the rainbow is enough

Look within for when that child was born

she though of “him” as a blessing for planting his seed

For her son will have her smile and his father’s eyes

The same eyes that looked up at her when she bought his son into this world

Those eyes; his fathers eyes

Those eyes saved her life

Oh how she loves those eyes!



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