Short Stories

His brother’s keeper

down syLooking at his brother, He remembers their childhood
His brother being there for him when the big boys tried to push him off the swing
He was always his protector, his big brother
he loved that his brother would still play with him till they were both brown with dirt regardless of their ten year age gap!
He never understood why the other kids at the park would call his brother names. That was until he was about 5years old that he began to realise his brothers behaviour was not that of an fifteen year old.
When he turned twelve and his brother still wanted to go to the park and play heroes and villains, that used to make him angry. Wondering why he could not act like normal people his age.
He hated walking home with him from school cause that meant he had to fight off all the mean older boys calling his brother names like “retard”
He hated having to be the one to be the big brother, he felt like he was his brothers keeper
His pronunciation and stuttering used to drive him up the wall, wondering why God had to make his brother this way. The stigma of his brother’s disability made him an angry teen, not accepting the uncontrollable
Looking back on it now he wonders why he did not accept it… Down syndrome is not a phase, his brother is going to remain like this for the rest of him life.. He didn’t get it then but he gets it now, his brother will always be his brother. His big little brother and he wouldn’t have it any other way



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