For the storytellers

Image     The amazing part of being human is living through what ever it is we have to live through. It is enduring your first kiss, first heartbreak, the feeling you have when you got that first set of wheels, first pay check or the unbearable fact of losing a loved one; these are all firsts or seconds for all of us but nevertheless… stories! 

As humans we never do know how we will react to “firsts” or “seconds” all we do know is these situations do make for a good story as time passes. Storytellers are born of firsts, they are molded by situations small or big and leave for the thrill of the lesson learnt. They thrive off telling their stories and breath in the awareness or relativeness of them (the storytellers) and the listener. Those that tell stories most of the time feed off what has been handed to them; Poets, Film directors, musicians, the old native Indians and playwrights … all having something to put out there for the world to enjoy and experience with them.

Man tells stories of the man/woman that we are, we were or might be possibly down the road. Stories of the olden days, the wars endured and the things they once carried as heavy burdens. These storytellers are the only manual guide we will ever encounter on how life is or will be. I personally think we all are story tellers, some more than others but nevertheless. I mean we tell stories on a daily basis without even knowing it; native Indians believed storytelling was essential cause it bought them together, today people would rather listen to a story than tell it; I call such people story leeches. I am a Story Leech, I admit it! There are one too many times I have leeched onto one’s story, heck there is nothing wrong with not wanting to share your experiences! But imagine a world without storytelling, without stories to tell… even without story leeches; what world would that be? So here is to the storytellers, thank you for the stories 🙂





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