Ash in a Bottle

Man lighting Cigarette II

He flicks his cigarette as the ash falls into the bottle like autumn leaves,
Why he preferred using the wine bottle instead of the ash tray, that I don’t know
I watch him bring it back to his lips and pulling on it as I kiss my wine glass
His lips exhaling the smoke while my tongue tastes the grape in my wine
He doesn’t feel me watching him,
Or maybe he does
This still doesn’t stop my eyes from wondering or my thoughts from running
He slowly switches the cigarette to his left hand while he picks up his wine glass in the other
His soft looking plum lips kiss his glass and that ignites a lot of tingles I didn’t know I had
While the ash hits the basement of the bottle…
I start imagining how his wine and cigarette breath must taste like
This gets me picturing his lips meeting mine
And for a brief second I could taste the cigarette on my tongue
The summer night breeze wakes me up as I realise he is looking my way
I start to feel the knots in my stomach as he looks bluntly into my eyes and smiles
I started to wonder if he too had been watching me watching him
His eyes give it away and I start to feel my face get hot
I start to lose myself so my eyes wonder off and end up at the bottle,
the ash in the bottle seem like a conversation only we had without words
I gaze back up and there is a woman now, with her arms around his waist and her head on his chest,
still holding his gaze however,
without saying a word I know he too knows it
The conversation we had was the only one we were going to have,
the ash in the bottle was all we were meant to have



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