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Image23/03/12 at exactly 01:12 am UK time; the day, hour and minutes I chose to be me. Not that I have always tried to be something else, just that I realized I was not leaving up to what I have always thought I would be at 22 years of age. We all have a plan when we are young, we plan on having figured it out by now …whatever “it” is. The year 2013 seemed so far away from me but now that it is here, I wonder if it was ever that far from me. They say “time waits for no man” and that “Time is money” I am not too sure of the money concept but the “time waiting for no man” quotation, that is the constant headache that I wake up with every single day lately. There were a number of things I wanted to do when I was still a kid; first I wanted to be a musician, mostly because Britney Spears did it well and made it look so simple; then it was being a teacher and this was because of my cousin Samantha (went through a phase of copying her), then I wanted to be an astronaut (this was due to watching too much The Brothers Garcia on Nickelodeon)  then around 14 years old I was sure of what I wanted to be; A lawyer. My mind was made up, I was never sure about anything as much as I was sure about being a lawyer but somehow I lost that to one of my old teachers comment; my certainty and in sight tumbled. I let something a human; a mere mortal being had said to me get to me and let me lose sight of what it is that I was and wanted to be. I can’t however blame it all on him I too played a big roll, I lost focus and motivation. This is were my parents came in, my Dad has always been a hands on man. When we were growing up he was always pushing us, as kids we found that a little weird. I personally thought it to be torture, during the summer all my mates were off going to parties, meeting for ice-cream, going to the movies while I was stuck working for my dad doing things I personally thought we were not skilled for. My friends would come back to school with cool exciting stories while I had none to tell. My mum has always been the sense of reasoning in the household, she would always try to balance out my father’s concept of motivation and our unreasonable complaints. Having them both in my life after high school helped me, my mother’s stability and my father’s constant pushing and assigning me different tasks on the daily has made me realize I belong to the business world. My parents helped me get here with or without knowing it,they have molded me into the woman I always wanted to be, the woman I am aspiring to be, the woman I am still looking for, the woman I am going to be… ME.



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