Making love, without LOVE

href=”https://outofspaceearthling.files.wordpress.com/2012/12/love_making_couple.jpg”>Love_Making_CoupleTwo bodies entwined
That brief moment filled with lust and heat
That brief moment of pleasure
One that is meant for a lover
But how do they do it? How do they make love without love?
The moment they dare to take that plunge
To go to a secret place with one they do not love
Loneliness and Ecstasy infused as one
The unknowing need to be with someone
They are of the lost; the romantics, the teenagers, the one’s who don’t know what they want and the one’s who don’t know the difference
So they go there
With the eyes and hearts closed
Within that brief moment of steam their bodies become one
Skin to Skin, Fact is Yes your with someone in your bed
But the truth is “the single body alone in the universe is always against it’s very own”
So when they wake, next to someone they don’t love they hate oneself
Tears in their hearts for MAKING LOVE WITHOUT LOVE


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