Earthly Pride

Designer clothes, shoes, belts, watches,
We are all guilty of wearing them,
But what if we are stripped of them,
Stripped down to bone, flesh and skin,
Stripped of our earthly pride,
What then is left of us? Beneath it all,
Beneath all the crap that put us under a microscopic stereo typed class of people,
Judging each other by the man made pride that we consider surpass to others that do not own this sort of pride,
Overshadowed by this pride that we do not look beyond,
Covet to always wear this earthly pride 24/7 that we forget to put it off
It becomes us, it consumes us
We become submissive to it,
Enslaved by the pride that is not only made by a man, an earthly being,
But also letting ourselves forget what we can be without it
So when stripped of it, what then?
Who are you, who am I, who are we?!?PRIDE


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