Parents that one word says a lot; mum, dad, family, protectors, home, endless love, care I could go on and on. Why am even blogging about this is because I am among the few people who has both parents alive and are literally there for me through everything. It is so funny how when I was a teen and going through all these changes I always complained about mum smothering me and not giving me enough room to breath and dad always wanting to know my were about and being overly protective . But now, now that I am grown have come to realise that they are the only two people who have and will always have my back. They have been there through all the tough times in my life some of which they have known and some of which they haven’t. I remember this one time when I had just broken up with my boyfriend I tried so hard not to cry about it so decided to go out with a few friends. On that night out, the very day I broke up with my ex, my purse was stolen in it was my phone and a few important stuff. I was drunk and emotional which two don’t go well together anyway the very next day was Sunday and we were having Sunday lunch with the family. So me and my sister get into a silly fight over something I don’t even remember. I was hungover and still very depressed about the breakup and all of a sudden burst out into tears. My mum was very shocked as she knows me as the tough cookie “very tough skinned”,she always says. So she took me to her room and asked me what was going on with me, in my defence I said the first thing that came to my mind “My purse got stolen last night” to which she tells me “Winnie don’t worry, you can get another phone and purse.. Atlst they didn’t take your life. That phone wasn’t meant to be yours, God did not wish it for you, you will get another one”, even without her knowing what exactly I was crying about her choice of words was remarkable, they fit my situation. She consoled me were my friends did not and you could see the love and care she had when saying those words.
You know how people always say they can not imagine what life would be like if they did not have their significant other in their lives, Well with me I CAN NOT imagine what life would be like with out my PARENTS. They are the best ❤

Wynee 💋



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