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Sex in the City

The GirlsGrowing up I was a Sex in the city fanatic, I loved the girl’s fabulous life style and their loyalty to one another; to me they had it all. Samantha, Miranda, Charlotte and the one and only Carrie Bradshaw were like my only insight into what and how I wanted to be like when I grow up. Samantha’s Confidence, Charlotte’s Organized and disciplined life style, Miranda’s head strong independent attitude and Carrie’s careerism and sense of style of-course. I however related more to Carrie and hereby favoured her most, her blog was what hooked me even more to the show. Talking about her love life and how she dealt with situations that we all at some point have gone through. I used to always channel my inner Carrie Bradshaw whenever I was dealt with a hard one, whenever I questioning and debuting with myself with matters of the heart I would always say to myself “What Would Carrie do.” This however came to an unexpected end when I re watched the whole show this summer (don’t ask where I got the Time to re watch the whole show, I just did). When re watching something you had watched when you were younger you realize a lot of things you never did back then. Re watching Carrie with her and “Mr Big” made me realize how clingy, insecure and desperate Carrie came off, she immediately put me off and turned out to be my worst character in the show. The way she let Mr Big talk his way out of everything and she never spoke her mind even when she wanted to. The worst part was when she left Aidan (who was by the way the best boyfriend she had ever had) for Mr Big, I kept on thinking, “What a weak woman.” This alone was enough to make me stop watching, I couldn’t finish it; to me it was like when a kid had just been told that Santa Claus does not exist or telling an eight year old boy that his best Marvel super hero is something an innovative geek came up with. I was totally crushed.

I however, due to the unbearable boredom have just got around to finishing all the sex in the city seasons and I have come to a conclusion that I was basing my judgement of Carrie on the space and time I was in. When I was a teen I worshiped her because she had most if not all the qualities I wanted, she seemed to have had her shit figured out but when I re watched it I couldn’t finish it because to me she was the “love Guru” and when I saw her wallow and cry over Mr big and still didn’t have her love life figured out at 30 something, it was all a realization that I could not bear. But on finishing the whole run I came to another realization, Carrie was no love guru she was just another woman who is still figuring it out… she was Human like me.


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